·         Carry out a review of the statutory records required to be maintained by the Secretarial Department.  The records include the following

o   Register of Members.

o   Register of Debenture holders.

o   Directors Attendance Register.

o   Minute book of the - Board meeting / General Meeting / other Meetings .

o   Register of Contracts

o   Register of Directors share holding .

o   Register of Investment .

o   Register of Fixed Deposits .

o   Register of Share Transfers.

o   Register of Charges.

o   Index of Members.

o   Index of shareholders.

o   Register of Foreign Members.

·         Ensure that compliance with the S E B I  guidelines is made  by referring  to the S E B I  guidelines / circular / notifications etc.

·         Check that the company is regular in meeting its obligations towards the share holders/ debenture holders / banks / financial institutions / fixed deposit holders etc. Check whether  the company has defaulted in making payment to the fixed deposit holders /  payment to the financial institution / members / banks / debenture holder etc. and comment upon the nature and the extent of default .

·         Ensure that the Company has adhered to the various compliance matters falling under Corporate Governance . Refer to the guidelines on Corporate Governance - Terms of Reference of Audit Committees etc.

·         Ensure that all the share transfers lodged are duly effected in the records.

·         In case of acceptance of Fixed Deposits from the public, ensure that the provisions of section 58 A /58AA / 58AAA to the Companies act 1956, have been complied with.

·          Ensure that the provisions of Companies (Acceptance of Deposits) - Rules 1975 are complied with

·         In case the company has issued debenture / bonds etc. ensure that the terms and condition of the issue, as given in the prospectus to the issue, debenture deed / trust deed have been complied with.

·         Ensure that the statutory records and registers as required to be maintained under the Companies Act (point 1 above ) are properly maintained and are kept updated at all times.