1 Certificate of incorporation
2 Memorandum Of Association
3 Articles Of Association
4 Any Special Regulatory compliances and approvals-FDI/FIPB/FEMA/RBI etc
6 Statutory books:-
  (i)Register of invesment in shares or securities made by company that are not held in its own name (section 49(7) of the Companies Act,1956)
  (ii)Register of deposits(section 58A)
  (iii)Register of securities bought back(section 77A)
  (iv)Register of Renewed and duplicate Certificates(section 84[read with rule 7(2) Companies (issue of share certificate) Rule,1960)
  (v)Register of shareholders with differential voting rights(section 86[read with companies(issue of share capital with differential voting rights) rules,2001]
  (vi)Register of Charges(to be kept at registered office of company)[section-143]
  (vii)Register of members[section 150 of the companies act,1956]
  (viii)Register of Debenture holders[section152(2) of the companies act,1956]
  (ix)Register of contracts,companies and firms in which the directors of the company are interested[section 301 of the companies act,1956]
  (x)Register of directors,managing director,manager and secretary[section 303(1) of the companies act,1956]
  (xi)Register of directors shareholdings etc[section 307 of the companies act,1956]
  (xii)Register of all invesments or loans mase ,guarantee or security provided[section 372A of the companies act,1956]
  (xiii)Minutes books of
  (a) General meetings
  (b) Meetings of Board of Directors
  (c) Committees of the Board
  (xiv) Foreign register of members and debenture holders under section 157
  (xv) Register and index of benefical owner under section 152A
7 Annual returns
8 Financial statements
9 Directors Report
10 All secretarial records, including all communications, notices from Registrar of Companies
11 Complete ROC File comprising copies of all forms
  Form 1 Application for Incorporation of Company (Other than One Person Company)
  Form2/ PAS-3 Return of allotment
  Form 5 Notice to Registrar for alteration of share capital
  Form 8 Particulars for creation or modification of charge(other than those related to debentures) including particulars of modification of charge by asset reconstruction companies in terms of securitisation and Reconstruction of Financial Assets and Enforcement of Securities Interest Act,2002(SARFASI)
  Form 15 Notice of appointment or cessation of receiver or manager
  Form 17 Particulars for satisfaction of charge
  Form 18 Notice of situation or change of situation of registered office and verification
  Form22B/ MGT-6 Form of return to be filed with registrar
  Form 23/ MGT-14 Filing of resolutions and agreements to the Registrar under section 117
  Form 23AC Form for filing balance sheet and other documents with the Registrar
  Form 23ACA Form for filing Profit and Loss account and other documents with the Registrar
  Form 23B Information by auditor to Registrar[Pursuant section 224(1A) of the companies act,1956
  Form 23AC-XBRL Form for filing XBRL document in respect of balance sheet and other documents with the Registrar
  Form 20B Form for filing annual return by a company having a share capital with the Registrar
  Form 23ACA Form for filing Profit and Loss account and other documents with the Registrar
  Form 23ACA-XBRL Form for filing XBRL document in respect of Profit and Loss account and other documents with the Registrar
  Form 23C Form of application to the Central Government for appointment of cost auditor
  Form 66 Form for submission of compliance certificate with the registrar
  Form 32 Particulars of appointment of Managing Director,directors,managers and secretary and the changes among them or consent of candidate to act as a managing director or director or manager or secretary of company and/or undertaking to take and pay for qualifiaction share[pursuant to section 303(2),264(2) or266(1)(a) and 266(1)b(iii) of companies act 1956]
12 Copies of any special approvals taken from ROC, RD etc
13 List of relatives, companies in which the directors are interested, list of shareholders etc
14 All paperwork related to change of registered office of Amrit Energy Private Limited from Kolkatta to Delhi
  Transfer Pricing Study Report
  Form 15CA Income-Tax Department Information to be furnished for payments, chargeable to tax, to a non-resident not being a company, or to a foreign company
  Form 15CB (See rule 37BB) Certificate of an accountant
  Form 3CEB Report from an accountant to be furnished under section 92E relating to international transaction(s) and specified domestic transaction(s)[See rule 10E]
  MAT , if applicable
  Income Tax login password
  Income tax returns including revised returns, if any
  Assessment records including refunds status, if any
  Income Tax Calculations and Payments (Challans)
  Tax Audit Report
  Tax Audit excel files
16 TDS  
  TDS returns and challans
  TDS workings
  Income tax and traces password
17 Service tax & Excise
  Certificate Of Registration/EC code
  Returns & Challans
  Password & mail id
  All Communications & Notices received from Department received
18 VAT/WCT  
  Certificate Of Registration
  Assessment Order, if any
19 ACCOUNTS ( soft & hard form of data)
  Vouchers- Cash, bank, journal including sales and purchase
  Password of tally and tally backup
  Current and previous year financial statements including the trial balance, balance sheet, Profit & Loss account, Schedules etc. Data pertaining to Amrit Energy Private Limited from 2007 onwards.
  Previous year and current year cash, bank, journal book, ledgers etc
  Calculations for FCGPR, UTR and for any foreign receipts and payments certificates etc
20 Customs  
  IEC Code
  All Communications & Notices received from Department received Code -Registration
  Approvals issued by Foreign Investment Promotion Board, under Foreign Exchange Management Act, Environmental laws, Licenses, certificates, Approvals under Factories Act, if any and any other regulatory compliance matters