Material Receipt Notes :

Dealership with Two Branches with seperate user names for operating system.

As per SOP , all receipts from Principal to account at Main Branch in Operating System, irrespective of receipt at any branch. Material maintained at other branch will be accounted as Transfer in Operating system. 

OBSERVATION - Material transfers are not accounted at other branch regularly / correctly, hence appearance of Excess stock.

Due to multiplicity of transactionss & material unloading at other branch, started MRN entry with zero receipt at Main branch & Delivery Note entry at other branch for material received.

PROS :   Entry job reduced  due to No material transfer entries for all despatches from Principal.  ( 4 entries - Indent & Issue at Main brannch;  Indent & receipt at Branch )

CONS :  Audit work increased. Found missing entries in other branch. No proper transfers. Transfers found in books but not physically.  Transfers physically made but not entered in system.  Adjjustment module route used for increase / decrease in stock.  This lead to mis-utilisation & easy movement of material outside stores.


CONTROL :  Material receipt entry only at main branch.  Total documentation with system entry for material movements. Adjustment module operating authority seized & any entries only with Management approval. Security check for all ins & outs.