EXPORTS  - Sales  

·         Check whether the export obligation have been fullfilled / short fulfilled before the expiry of the validity of the Advance licence / export obligation period.

·         Ensure that the documents to be submitted to the bank are processed and submitted in time to avoid any delay in/late credit by the banks in case of sight LC.

·         Check whether there are cases of short payments received from the banks in respect of Export bills.

·         Check whether the contracts for commission for export sales are finalized / renewed in time.

·         Check whether there are cases of unutilised Advance licences.

·         Check whether any penal interest has been paid due to the non fullfilment of export obligation.

·         Check whether any undue delay has taken place for the despatch of goods from the date of the shipping bill.

·         Verify the export invoices with reference to the export sales register and ensure that the invoicing is made as per the terms of the orders received from the export customers.

·         Check whether any amount has been paid towards the extension of the validity of the Advance licence / revalidation charges towards Advance licences.


·         Check whether interest paid on Discounted LCs after the credit period are recovered from the importers.