Advertisement and Publicity 



·         Press estimates to be verified with the Rate Cards.

·         Press estimates to be approved by the Head of Advertisement.

·         Ensure that the approval estimates are serially numbered / recorded in the job order register.

·         Ensure that the Rate Cards are separately filed.

·         The Bills submitted by the agencies / casual parties should be checked with the approved estimates to ensure that the ads have been published correctly, the bill has been raised for correct size at correct rate and that all applicable discounts have been allowed.

·         Check whether the Bills are recorded in the Bills Control Register duly approved by the Head of Advertisement  with his signature and date on the bill.



·         Hoardings / Neon Signs / Bus Panels and Shelters /  Wall painting etc

·         Ensure that competitive Quotations ( with site plans / size / material to be used and job completion schedule) have been obtained from at least 3 reputed parties.

·         Check whether a written contract has been entered into with the party finally selected for awarding the work.  Entry should be made in the Job Order register. The order should be serially numbered.

·         A physical verification should be carried out of various sites where the Ads are displayed and Job Inspection Report should be sent to the Advertisement Department / outside locations - area offices / branches / depots etc.

·         Ensure that the Advertisement Department has taken the following steps on receipt of the Bill along with Job Inspection Report / Physical verification Report from various locations:

·         Deduction of proportionate rental for the period during which the Defect remains unrectified.

·         Deduction for the number of days for which rental was paid for the period during which Ad was not displayed.

·         The Bills are duly approved by the Head of Advertisement under signature and date and recorded in the Bills Control Register.


Fabrication of Neon Sign / Glow Sign / Stalls at Exhibitions / Banners at Company’s cost

·         Ensure that Competitive Quotations were obtained from at least 3 reputed parties stating - size / design / rate / item wise cost / Qty / payment terms / time required for execution of job etc.

·         Check whether the order was placed on the party giving lowest quotation.  Ensure that the order is signed by the Head of   Advertisement  with date.

·         A physical verification is to be carried out and the job inspection report to be sent by the local / outside locations to the Advertisement Department.

·         The duly approved Bill (approved by the Head of Advertisement) to be entered in the Bill Control Register and necessary deductions to be made from the bill on the basis of physical verification Report / Job inspection report.


Printing + Sales promotional / Gift items / Give aways

·         Ensure that competitive Quotations from reputed printers were called giving all essential details like Quantity / Quality of paper / size / cost-break up etc.

·         Ensure that the Order is placed on the printer giving lowest quotation and all details are recorded in the Job Order Register.

·         Bills to be recorded in the Bills Control Register and passed for payment after verification of Quality / Quantity / Rate etc.


Telecast / Broadcast of spots and sponsorships

·         Check whether the Estimate has been submitted by the Agency along with the Medias’ Rate Card, if any.

·         Check whether the approved estimate has been entered in the job control Register.

·         Ensure that the Bill submitted to the Advertisement Department is supported by documentary evidence of telecast / broadcast.


Master record of Company property

·         Ensure that a master record is maintained wherein should be entered full particulars of procurement, Fabrication / Storage / disposal / reuse of the following items paid for by the Company.

-               Hoarding , Exhibition stalls

-               Neon sign structures, Glow signs, Boards.

·         Kiosks, Solar poles, Bus shelters, Bus Panels etc.



·         Ensure that the orders are placed on the parties after calling competitive quotations from at least 3 parties.

·         The order / Contracts awarded should be entered in the Job Order Control Register with a serial control.

·         The Bills duly approved should be entered in the Bill Control Register.

·         Ensure that Physical Verification  Report / Job Inspection Report is prepared in respect of the jobs carried out by the Agencies and check whether deductions have been made from the bills on the basis of physical verification Report / Job Inspection Report.