·         Obtain a list of sanctioned strength - Department wise and compare with the actual strength of the employees.  Note the variation and comment upon the cases where the actual strength of the employees is more than the sanctioned strength.  Check approval for the extra man power  deployed.

·         Review the personnel service files of employees kept by the Personnel Department to check whether –

o   all the copies of certificates / testimonials  have been taken from the employees at the time of joining .

o   Nomination in case of Gratuity / Pension / PF / superannuation etc   have been collected from the employees

o   all the other documents  like increment letters / promotion letters etc are properly filed in the service files .

o   Copies of appointment advice / appointment letters / confirmation letters etc are kept in the service files.

·         Obtain a list of all the pending legal cases being handled by the Personnel Department.  Check the status of all the legal cases including the date of next hearing.  Comment upon the speedy settlement of the legal cases . For keeping an effective control over the legal cases the Personnel Department should prepare a status report of pending legal cases on a monthly basis.

·         Ensure that the Personnel Department   is taking due care in case of contract labour employed by it to ensure that legal and statutory obligation like FPS / PF / ESI are taken care of. The Personnel Department should maintain proper attendance record in respect of the contract labour  and should obtain copies of monthly PF / ESI challans from the contractor .

·         Check that the various licenses like the Factory license / license under the Contract labour (abolition + regulation ) act 1970 / license for storage of inflammable and hazardous chemicals etc. are renewed in time.

·         Ensure that the various provisions of industrial and labour laws

§  like àThe Apprentices Act / Factories Act / Payment of wages Act

§  / Minimum wages Act etc.  are duly taken care of.

·         Ensure that proper attendance / leave records are maintained by the Personnel Department is respect of all the workmen / staff / officers/ managers / higher management.

·         Check the leave / attendance record of employees (register /

·         punch card/  computerized attendance printouts) to ensure that there are no irregularities. Comment on the irregularities.  if any, observed .\

·         Examine the agreement with the Union and ensure that the terms    and conditions as agreed to by the parties to the agreement are duty complied with. Examples : Incentive scheme, loan / advance scheme , facilities, attendance procedure, leave procedure , festival advance , canteen / tea, transport ,uniform, production etc. Further check the various schemes linked to production / output to ensure that the payment under various incentive schemes are made strictly as per the laid down productivity linked / incentive scheme .

·         Ensure that the system installed at various locations to mark the attendance(in/out) are working properly and are giving consistent results.

·         Check the record relating to attendance / leave including a cross verification of data and ensure that the methods and procedure for recording of attendance / leave are sound and sufficient internal controls exist. Point out the lacunae / weakness in the internal control system.

·         In case of productivity linked schemes ensure that there is a proper system to record and measure the quantity / quality / output of each employee.

·         Check whether the consent letters have been obtained from the State Pollution Control Boards in respect of AIR / WATER.